General Contractors

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General Contractors, Let IPM help you…

  • Accelerate end-user adoption as IPM runs within Microsoft Outlook
  • Provide collaboration and accountability in a centralized system of project documents and data
  • See transparency into actual and projected committed costs
  • Gain better control over Change Order processes upstream and downstream
  • Preemptively manage pending items with ‘Ball In Court’ automated alerts and reporting
  • Optimize custom dashboards with real-time project status and forecasts
  • Seamless Mobility from the field to the back office across tablets, PDAs, and PCs

IPM Features

  • IPM is built specifically for project managers and their needs
  • IPM Project Management runs WITHIN Microsoft Outlook or a web browser, a familiar interface to end users and easier adoption of technology
  • Mobility across popular mobile or PC devices (Apple, Android, Windows).
  • Customize IPM screens and workflows to meet your specific business processes and procedure
  • Automatically file emails and documents to the project and related files
  • Customized interactive dashboards with real-time status and drill downs
  • Keep your accounting system – IPM integrates to most construction accounting and enterprise ERP systems!

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