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Robin Harris

Robin Harris
Owner, Builder Tech Systems

Robin brings extensive construction and software industry experience and skills to assist firms in building more profitable enterprises in today’s difficult construction industry environment.

Launching his career as a subcontractor in the residential industry, Robin expanded in commercial construction, and worked in project operations in civil, heavy industrial, and service industries. During his career, Robin became proficient in emerging technologies to integrate, manage and analyze job production and financial information. His experience with deploying and utilizing end-to-end integration using various construction estimating, ERP solutions, and Project Management systems honed him to manage jobs profitably through critical decision making. Robin became proficient in many aspects of construction software from estimating, procurement, project management, accounting, and service operations.
After 10 years of success in the construction industry, Robin shifted careers into construction technology consulting and representing “best of breed” software solutions. Robin built a reputation on sales and construction process integration consulting. He has worked with hundreds of construction companies over the last fifteen years.

Today, what Robin enjoys most about his job is that he can help many construction companies fill non-productive gaps and move into the next level of their business growth. He has learned to use a holistic approach of people, process, and technology to achieve best practices for construction process technology. Contact him at or (303) 249-9091.