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Robin has a tremendous work ethic and a level of integrity that is very impressive. He has domain knowledge in the construction space that is unequaled. He understands how strategy impacts technology decisions in a very quick way.

Chris Spivey
Director HR Workforce Administration PMO, Quality and Control at Baker Hughes

I’ve known Robin Harris professionally since 2006 and had the privilege of watching him demonstrate over and over that what he does and how he does it is at such a high standard that few others can lay claim to. I’ve overseen sales and distribution channels around the globe and as a Business Development Manager there are few, and I very genuinely mean few other professionals that have the professional skills, and the direct industry knowledge that Robin has developed and maintains. Robin excels at identifying business opportunities both big and small and then successfully taking them through the sales cycle and beyond to ultimately be not just incredibly satisfied customers but true reference sites.

Few people achieve true mastery of such a challenging professional role. Mr. Harris is one of the few.

Mark T. Moore
Founder – Sales KnowHow, SME Revenue Growth and Profit Specialist

First of all, Robin is extremely intelligent. His knowledge of construction and software technology spans decades and industries. Applying high-tech solutions to business objectives is his passion. You will learn more from Robin from a 30-minute conversation than you can in hours or days of research.

A self-motivator, Robin immerses himself in a project and ends up with lifetime clients. I enjoyed working with him, and would recommend him to companies looking for a dedicated, successful solution provider.

Joanie Hollabaugh
Senior Director of Marketing, Ledgerwood Associates, Inc.

Robin has been a great ally when difficult situations occur that require quick resolution. He has directed many teams whose quality control and expeditious response has had monumental monetary value for his customers. Robin believes in utmost integrity and his trustworthiness and consistency for superlative work from concept to final output far outweighs that provided by any of his competition. He is the “go to” guy to get the job done right for your needs.

Pam Wells
Controller at Construction